Tender Kick Off Meeting

Tender Kick Off Meeting – Example

Here's an example of a tender kick off meeting recorded to show the general format and points of emphasis you should cover when kicking off a small to medium sized … [Read More...]

project estimating

Bid Management Case Study – Project Estimating

In this video we’re going to talk about project estimating. How to estimate the cost of your project and then how that relates to the bid price you submit to the client. Now it’s important you … [Read More...]

Project Collaboration App - Easy Clock

Project Collaboration App – Easy Clock

Here's a great little Free Project Collaboration App I've been using lately. You just add in the locations that your clients, team or suppliers reside in, then slide the bar along to find a … [Read More...]

Project Management Career

Changing Industries in your Project Management Career?

Over the course of my project management career I have changed industry twice and have had many more minor changes of sectors inside those industries. I want to recount some of the techniques I've … [Read More...]

project management reports

Project Management Reports using Video

You can quickly and easily make secure video for project management reports and messages. Watch this simple example video of a project team message recorded, uploaded and shared using only my smart … [Read More...]

Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration & Productivity App – Workflowy

Watch this review and demo of the Project Collaboration & Productivity App - Workflowy. Find out more about Project Collaboration using Free Apps like this one, with Social Project Manager - … [Read More...]

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