We’re Globalising as a race of people, pure and simple.

Sorry to be philosophical, but the reality is, those that understand this will prosper, those that don’t are destined to to be left behind and fail!

But we see incredible opportunity in this, for companies and for individuals.

Thanks to the internet, companies can and MUST seek out the best value employee’s globally to retain the competitive advantage, and the job market for individuals prepared to go outside their comfort zone just got a whole lot BIGGER.

Project Plan Online embraces this new paradigm by providing access to the best talent at the best hourly rates globally.

But it’s not just about the $$$’s.

Projects fail with monotonous regularity. Fail to meet budget, schedule, quality and worst of all, the benefits expected by the project are more often than not well below expectation.


Scope definition, stakeholder support, systems and competence are the biggest culprits and frankly as a business owner, this is usually not your primary focus and it shouldn’t be.


Project Plan Online trains, hires, supports and provides oversight to our Virtual Project Managers inside our effective execution framework and reporting regime so that you don’t have to.


Our VPM’s are screened and trained by us, readily available with the potential to set up virtual teams working around the clock.


Take advantage of this exciting opportunity, click the link below to get started in the Virtual Project Management world and reap the benefits.