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Time Saving by Managing Up

admin/ March 23, 2015/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

One of projects, if not business for that matter’s biggest challenges is finding enough time to get through all of the competing demands that come at us on a day to day basis. Without some specific time saving strategies in place, you will soon be weighed down and overloaded, fire fighting the problem with the greatest short term urgency, or

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3 Steps to Great Lessons Learned

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I continue to have mixed feelings about lessons learned processes. On one hand they are a great opportunity to reflect, drive initiatives forward into new projects and across existing programs based on those things that went well and similarly those that didn’t. On the other hand, I’ve seen many of these processes and sessions where people either won’t speak up

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How to become a Project Manager – Video

admin/ March 3, 2015/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

Watch this video where I outline two approaches to landing your first role as a Project Manager.   Transcription Hi everyone, James Clements. I hear a lot of people asking me on my website how to go about getting that first project management job. And I’ve said time and time again in forums like Linkedin and so forth, people –

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Take action – Why your projects don’t need to be perfect.

admin/ October 27, 2014/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

I was reminded recently about a trait that I’m glad I possess, perhaps it’s learnt, perhaps inherent, more than likely a bit of both. I have a graduate engineer in my team who I’d asked to survey our team to catalogue their experience, capability and qualifications for marketing of future projects. In a week, she set up a fantastic online

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Bid Qualification Process

admin/ September 18, 2014/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

Half the battle to winning tenders is selecting the right ones to pursue. Here are the key questions to be asking yourself during the bid qualification process and bid no bid processes before commiting your valuable and scarce resources to the tender process. Video Transcript Hi Guys, to start this series we’re going to look at a process to help

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Tender Kick Off Meeting – Example

admin/ September 14, 2014/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

Here’s an example of a tender kick off meeting recorded to show the general format and points of emphasis you should cover when kicking off a small to medium sized tender. Tender Kick Off Meeting Format Typically, a tender kick off meeting like this should cover at least the following main areas: Tender or Project Overview Competitor Analysis Bid &

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Bid Management Case Study – Project Estimating

admin/ April 29, 2013/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

In this video we’re going to talk about project estimating. How to estimate the cost of your project and then how that relates to the bid price you submit to the client.   Now it’s important you tailor your estimating process to suit each individual bid, you should sit down before you estimate anything and ask yourself some simple questions

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Project Collaboration App – Easy Clock

admin/ April 24, 2013/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

Here’s a great little Free Project Collaboration App I’ve been using lately. You just add in the locations that your clients, team or suppliers reside in, then slide the bar along to find a suitable time to organize meetings, video calls or teleconferences. Watch the video for a quick demo. Project Collaboration App – Easy Clock   Struggling with Project

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Changing Industries in your Project Management Career?

admin/ April 24, 2013/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

Over the course of my project management career I have changed industry twice and have had many more minor changes of sectors inside those industries. I want to recount some of the techniques I’ve learnt to apply in these two major and several minor changes and at the end of this article I’ve outlined 7 Tips to help if you

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Project Management Reports using Video

admin/ April 22, 2013/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

You can quickly and easily make secure video for project management reports and messages. Watch this simple example video of a project team message recorded, uploaded and shared using only my smart phone. Technology now makes it so easy to make project management reports, presentations, training and messages like this in no time at all. You can easily do this

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