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Engage With a Video Project Management Report!

Video is a rich and engaging way to connect with your audience.

Technology now makes video easily possible in any workplace.

See some examples below.


An increasing number of people are now mobile workers, they now work from hotels, third party flexible office space, cafes, airports, beaches and home.

Communications need to be engaging, flexible and available  24/7.

As attention spans are getting shorter, executives are busier and project teams are increasingly dispersed, domestically and globally, no wonder it’s a struggle!

Also consider our Gen Y and Z employees, they’re growing up on video and this is how they consume up to 80% of their media, we need to engage and retain their attention?

Video is a rich and engaging medium that Mobile, Busy, Short Attention Spanned or Dispersed teams can consume when it suits them and watch over and over!

As little as 2 Years ago, to produce a decent video you’d need to outsource it to a Professional Studio, but now, Video communication is within reach of everyone with little training.

New Video editing software is cheap, intuitively simple to use, in fact some, which I’ll show you, will even edit your video automatically for free, producing professional looking video in minutes.

Video for communication does not have to super slick, as long as the content is valuable, people will watch and engage!

Watch this example of an auto-edited video.

Consider these YouTube stats if you are not convinced where Video is heading in our work and social settings:

  • 800 Million unique monthly users
  • 4 Billion hours of video watched each month
  • 72 hours video uploaded every minute
  • In 2011, 1 Trillion views, which is 140 views for every single person on Earth
  • 25% of all Global views are mobile, 1 Billion views/day available on 400 Million mobile devices
  • Traffic tripled in 2011
  • You Tube is the second largest Search Engine behind Google

James-Portrait-200x300As a Project Manager/Director & Bid Manager of International Projects & Bids, I have continually sought innovative strategies to engage, motivate and teach my teams and stakeholders.

I now utilize Video as my main communication channel through my YouTube Channel and Video Training products to engage and teach my clients and students.

If I can do this easily, so can you!

Video Project Manager

Video Project Manager is a training course that teaches you step by step the fundamentals of video production, editing, distribution and hosting of your videos.

Utilizing low cost and readily available equipment, I show you example project report formats, presentation and training templates, from simple auto edited project overviews to presentations and more detailed full blown project reports combining all the various mediums available to you.

I include in this video course:

  • Basic DSLR & SMART Phone Operation
  • Low cost proven equipment considerations
  • Editing software instruction for free, automated and semi pro, you chose what suits!
  • Project Status Report Templates
  • Presentation Formats
  • Live Video Project Management Report Templates
  • Free Video Hosting & Distribution
  • Where to find cheap but professional video intro/outro, voiceover and editing services if you want to outsource these bits

Where and Who is this relevant for?

  • Progress reporting, daily, weekly, monthly and final reports.
  • Site tours, show your clients how their project is progressing.
  • Add video to dispute claims to prove your case, beyond reasonable doubt!
  • Client and Partner Testimonials for new business.
  • Presentations, Bid & Project Kick Off Meetings, Reviews & Briefings.
  • Record Milestone events for project records, client communications and status reports.
  • Record the final product for lessons learned, finalization reports and new business promotion.

Buy Now – $197

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