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Delegating is about giving people role clarity and outlining what is expected of them and the measures by which the will be judged.



The fourth key skill you’re going to need to develop to be a great project manager is delegating skill. I don’t know how many projects I’ve been a project manager, I’ve seen managers and project managers that cannot delegate.

It’s a hump that we all need to get over at some point in time delegation isn’t easy for any of us. I’m sure that you know that either it’s not easy for you now or it wasn’t easy for you in the past to delegate. Because when you delegate you let control go, but you cannot control unless you delegate, you cannot work on the project and not in the project unless you delegate it to those people within the project. So, you need to understand why you’re delegating, and you need to actively work on delegating and then monitoring.

So, what you need to do to enable that is you need clear role clarity for yourself and all your team members. So they’re absolutely clear of what they’re role is in the project. And once they’re clear of their role then they know what they need to do and you know what they’re supposed to be doing so you can monitor that. You need to set objectives to measure their performance, so it’s no good just delegating something to somebody having no idea what they’ve achieved what you delegated to them. So you need some form of measure to check whether it’s being done and check when it’s being done to the standard you require.

So, I don’t want to go into much more details (inaudible 01:36) I want you think about it. Think about how you’re delegating, when you’re delegating, is it clear what you’re delegating, is the person whom you’re delegating to – is their role clear and is it clear how you’re going to measure the achievement of what you’ve delegated. You got to have (inaudible 1:52) so let’s just get that on the table, I don’t know how many times I’ve delegated to people and they failed but I never not delegated to somebody and have them excel because they need to be given responsibility and they need to work and had to perform or they shouldn’t be in projects. So, that sounds a bit brutal but really we can’t have passengers in our projects. So delegate, delegate clearly and make sure that you measure performance. And counsel people and talk to them about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and what your expectations are.

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