How to become a Project Manager – Video

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Watch this video where I outline two approaches to landing your first role as a Project Manager.


Hi everyone, James Clements.

I hear a lot of people asking me on my website how to go about getting that first project management job. And I’ve said time and time again in forums like Linkedin and so forth, people – you know, they have a desire to be project manager but they just don’t have a start as most employers clearly want a bit of project managing experience. So you know, how do you break that nexus, well, there are two ways you can go.

If you are not in a project type of an environment and you want to be employed as a project manager then there’s one route and conversely if you’re already in an organization who already does projects and you want to become a project manager that’s a different route.

So, the first one, if you’re not in a project management type of business, let’s say you’re working in as a florist or something and you decide you want to go off and be an oil and gas project manager and you know there’s clearly some difficulties there but on the flip there if you are in unrelated industry, you know, what you gonna do is get yourself a qualification.

Now, PMP, most project direct all those kind of things with various certification bars, that certifications they are not qualifications, you know. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get a job without certification, and quite frankly, you know, there is certain argument to be had that, you know, certification is good for qualification but in my opinion, you know, getting a qualification, going off to university to your local college doing a project management started course, doing formal qualification in project management, that would be my first step in getting a, getting into project management when you’re not actually in the game already.

Of course, you know if you already in the industry, that’s gonna certainly help a lot and if you got a Bachelor’s Degree or some ah lets say you know, you don’t have many of those things and you’re going in first and certainly I would go for a qualification that you get from your local university or education provider.

And then what you really need is you need to demonstrate some leadership ability and this way you look at maybe joining a club or getting involve in some community top of things. Or at least you can demonstrate that you taken the lead on a project, you know whether it be you know an effort to do something or you know pure project or whatever. If you can show that you got, you know, project managing qualification, say you know, a correctly structured project, executing project at least theoretically, then you, then you gone out and you know some kind of effort to have some level of project management thinking and required at least then you’re heading in the right direction to demonstrate to an employer that you indeed have the right capabilities and to me project management is a lot about leadership and if you can show that you’re a good leader then you’re along the way down on track to getting, snagging a new job.

Secondly, if you’re in an organization that does projects then clearly you are in a better position to get started. Yeah, you know, I probably heard myself, you know, 25 years ago when I started project management, I was a draftsman. I, you know, started doing a lot of estimating and so forth, for tendering, and that’s what naturally led me in one particular project to…I do a lot of piping design and piping procurement, and then led me to actually getting involve in the construction of all pipe work and I, you know, it just naturally came to me and I’m surprise that I started, you know, supervising and leading these guys. And that wasn’t last of my employees. And ah, so really, putting up your hand, standing up where everyone else is sort of trying to avoid getting involved and taking leadership role is probably the best thing you can do when you’re in an organization already, to get a job as a project manager. And then, as time goes by, you know, you continue to do more and more complex type of work and then when the opportunity presents itself, then you know, you volunteer and say I can project manage that job and you know, 9 times out of 10 I think that people see taking a little bit, increasing, a little bit more of parts of project will eventually say, you know, this person’s ready for project in your own rights.

So, just recapping, for those people of none project type of environment get a qualification, get a certification if you think that’s better. Certifications theoretically need to have some project management experience to get them but you know, that’s questionable these days. And if you’re in project management environment put up your hand for the smallest bit of leadership type of role, you can do it, you increase it over time, make sure people understand what you’re doing and then you just chief and wait, chief and wait, chief and wait, until you, you know, you gonna get eventually if you do a good job and you’re a suited to the role you’ll get a job. And of course any kind of certification any kind of qualification you can get in parallels and that is going to build your case.

So there you go, these is my tips for getting started on project management. Hope that help. Love to hear some feedback from you if you think that, that’s a good idea if you have other ideas and you know put them down below in the video. And you know, if anyone achieved some success feel them back to me and I really love to hear and you know, as you know I’m more of a survivor need my …for anything if you need some coaching or discussion have a go…thanks a lot.

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