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Hi, I’m James Clements owner of Project Plan Online

I travel the world doing business in some of the most competitive industries and markets.

It’s a blood bath bath out there in some industries, less spending, lower margins and tighter delivery times.

What our challenge as business owners though is to ensure we don't get sucked not that downward spiral and in fact prosper and grow our businesses

Otherwise it's just a race to the bottom, I’ve seen that too many times and it always ends badly.

I’ve put together a business that can help you stop these things happening.

I seek out great project managers and I find them at the most competitive rates on the market.

Sure, I guarantee you can find cheaper people, but do you really want to put want to handover your projects to cheap, untrained, undisciplined people with questionable experience?

The downside to your project is far greater than the few dollars an hour you save.

I have a standard screening process, I train everyone in my project execution framework and I define a set of standard weekly reports, which I check and challenge, that keep you fully informed of progress.

Do, if you want to benefit from lower cost and confidence your project will deliver the results you need, fill out the enquirer below and I'll personally get in touch with you.

In fact, if you want to call me to discuss, here is my phone number, I'm happy to chat.

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