Project Management Reports using Video

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You can quickly and easily make secure video for project management reports and messages.

Watch this simple example video of a project team message recorded, uploaded and shared using only my smart phone. Technology now makes it so easy to make project management reports, presentations, training and messages like this in no time at all.

You can easily do this in under 10 minutes and at no cost and with any smart phone or tablet, watch the video to learn how.

Video Project Manager is a training course I’ve developed, delivered wholly by video which steps the layman, like you and I, through the process of filming, editing and distributing video messages such as: presentations, kick off meetings, project management reports, testimonials, training, in fact the list is only limited by your imagination.

I show you simple video capture and editing techniques like the example above, automatic editing software, screen recording, captions, voiceovers and site video up to more complex reports combining all these techniques, you can chose the level of detail that suits your resources, time and environment, I have a technique for all.

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