Work On The Project Not In The Project

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Work on the project not in the project means actively delegating responsibility and accountability to the project team allowing you to lead the project.



So the next thing I want to talk about, when we talk about making you a better project manager is the concept of working on the project not in the project. So, that means, you are actively looking at what the project does. Understanding what’s going on in and around your project, what’s working, what doesn’t. How the organization affects your project and stops it from achieving what it achieves, setting objectives and generally you leading and not doing.

There’s a good saying that a good project manager is thinking on Friday what they need to do on Monday and that’s exactly what this is about. So, typically, if you are one of those type of people that jumps in and can’t allow other people to get on with their job and has to fix and intervene and micromanaging everything, then this is exactly what I’m talking about. Because what’s going to happen is a couple of things. Firstly, your time is going to be taken up in day to day activities that people are paid to do. They are paid to do their job and you’re jumping in doing their job so they’re going to get de-motivated because you’re not giving them the space to achieve, the space to grow as a person and just as I said just do their job. And your time is going to be taken up with all these, not meaningless tasks, but certainly tasks that should have been delegated to other people and should have been performed by other people. So, that means that you are not managing the project and leading the project.

So, that’s the one thing – work on the project not in the project, to ensure that you are the leader of the project not one of the people doing the work in the project, that’s what you’re there for.

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